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It is the summer season so get ready! It is the best time to throw a summer fling. The weather is hot and let's make the music hotter. Give me your playlist and we can make it hotter than your Grandma's chili. 


Wingman is not your ordinary dj service. Wingman's goal is to make your event extraordinary. I have a passion to go beyond what a normal dj would do. 


Hello Wingmaniacs!  

Keep up with Wingman events. We love the old school and love to share the passion of the classics. 

I am not afraid to put on MC Hammer with a touch of Gangnam Style. How about throwing in some Freestyle, a little Stevie B. with a pinch of Expose with the big hair. Remember Big Hair don't care!

90's Hip Hopping at your event. Some Montell Jordan with Notorious on your playlist with Bell Biv Devoe putting a little Poison in your playlist.